MGB v8 Conversion Parts

The following list shows our products for the MGB/V8 conversion. We DO NOT SELL A KIT. We do not sell the original Buick engine. Although Rover bought the design from GM, the casting technique and aluminum alloy was changed to solve the problems of the original engine.

Used component prices vary with mileage and condition.

Part Description Price Additional Information Part Number
Used engines $500 to $1000.00 These units do not have any "bolt on" items such as manifolds, etc. Call for stock list
** 5-speed trans $750 - 1000 with bellhousing Rover/TR8 transmission - Units requiring rebuilding are less  
** 5-speed trans Call for price and availability. Borg Warner T5. We can supply the parts needed to bolt this to the V8.   
Cylinder Head Modifications Call for price and availability. Cylinder Head Modifications including: Alternate Valves, Porting, and Extrude Hone.  
4bbl carb/manifold $500 - 700 depending on 
manifold make, linkage, etc
Used - call for price and availability.  
Used flywheel  $125 Rover/TR8.  GM are not available 
on a regular basis.  Please inquire
New flywheel. $329.95 A light steel unit with ring gear. We have this flywheel made to our specs and drilled to accept Rover, GM and Ford clutches. #B215LW
High performance clutch kit $174.95 - $224.95 for TR/Rover 5 speed trans or Borg Warner T5.  Please specify transmission Only fits lightweight flywheel  
MGB to Rover/TR8 steelbraid clutch hose $69.95 This stainless steelbraid clutch hose replaces the entire MGB clutch line from master cylinder to slave. A direct bolt-on to the MGB clutchmaster cylinder and to the Rover/TR8 slave cylinder. Easier to bleed and a better clutch pedal. MGB2-TR-V8SLAVE
High torque gear reduction starter  $225.00 Tiny size and designed to fit in the MGB application.  
Waterpump $45 A rebuilt unit that clears the radiator.  
Headers $365.00 Block hugger style - mild steel

picture shows ceramic coating - CFP

RV8 style header - Mild steel - (ceramic coating available - CFP). $465

An improvement on the original RV8 headers. These headers can be seperated at the collector so the header can be removed without pulling the engine or the exhaust system may be "dropped" without removeing the headers.

Big Bore RV8 style   $565 Same as our RV8 but with larger primaries AAHHRRV8BB
Distributor several options ranging from $65 onwards    
High performance engine components See TR8 engine under performance parts on Web page.  We build engines and will be happy to talk with you.  
Chassis and brakes   We supply uprated brake material, steel braid brake hoses, suspension bushings and more.  See MGB/GT performance parts section on Web page.   
Motor mount kit. 139.95 Comes with

brackets and new rubber mounts.
for '77 - '80 MGB.
Chasis mount brackets for pre-'75 MGB. $55   4505-4
Transmission cross member
w/mount. Bolts GM T5 into MGB.
$160   TMKGMT5
Transmission cross member w/mount.
Bolts Ford T5 into MGB.
Bellhousing for GM T5 to Rover V8.
inquire   690527
Flywheel stone shield for above bellhousing.
$20   690527SS
Bellhousing for Ford T5.
(includes adaptor plate)
V8 oil pump base take-off plate for remote filter.   $194.95 This replaces the bottom of the oil pump and has 2 outlets.   Increase the clearance below the bottom of the pump #ARC1

$350 New 4 row brass & copper
construction. Uses original MGB
radiator mounting brackets.
Radiator. $350 Same as above but has
curved upper outlet to clear A/C.
Alternator bracket. $50 Mounts alternator
to left side on GM 215. Fits MGB
without A/C.
Alternator bracket.
$60 Mounts alternator to left side on Rover engine. Fits MGB
with A/C.
Alternator bracket.

$75 Mounts alternator to right hand side on GM 215. A must
for A/C.
Alternator bracket.
$75 Mounts alternator on right hand side for Rover V8.
A must for A/C.

Alternator bracket for serpentine belt.
inquire (Specify GM or Rover engine) ALTMSERP
A/C compressor bracket for GM R-4 compressor with serpentine belt.. inquire Specify
GM or Rover cylinder head
A/C compressor bracket for Sandon
compressor with serpentine belt.
inquire Specify GM or Rover cylinder head. ACBRKTSRS
A/C compressor bracket for GM R-4
compressor with V-belt.
inquire Specify GM
or Rover cylinder head.
A/C compressor bracket for Sandon
compressor with V-belt.
inquire Specify GM
or Rover head.
Air cleaner - low rise - for MGB. $42   LRAC4339
Steelbraid clutch hose. $50 Replaces
hard steel line.
Speedometer cable for GM T-5 to MGB
inquire Specify year of car. 616327
Speedometer cable for Ford T-5 to MGB
inquire Specify year of car. 616327F
Hydraulic throw-out bearing assembly.
$inquire Fits GM T-5. HYDRBGM
Hydraulic throw-out bearing assembly
for Ford T-5.
inquire   HYDRBF
Aluminum flywheel with replaceable steel
friction insert.
$400   ALFLYV8
Flywheel for Buick 300 crank when
fitted to 3.5 or 3.9.
$285   467020

** The 5-speed gearbox should be used for the conversion as the MGB 4-speed will not give a low enough final drive and the overdrive cannot take the torque of the V8 engine.

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