Complete Engine Rebuilding

The engine is degreased and disassembled. Components are cleaned, magnafluxed to check for cracks and measured for size. After all componenets are measured, the customer is notified of what is needed - oversize pistons, cam wear, etc. All machine operations are performed. If the engine needs to be bored, the bore sizes are then fininshed to the dimension of the new pistons. The engine is cleaned again and reasembled. All engines are balanced and align bored. Certain engines have extra "fixes" performed such as pinning thrust washers on Spit/GT6/TR6 engines. A start-up and break-in sheet accompanies every engine.

Engines may be done as a full engine, short block or just a "block and crank" for the person who wants to DIY.

Examples of Engine Rebuilding Services

Cam Grinding

Cam Grinding: S2 cam being ground for a 6 cylinder Triumph!
Crank Kit
Crank Kit: Ready to install. Includes sized/magnafluxed crank with tri-metal bearings and thrust washers.
Short Block
Short Block


















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