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Description Price Part #
Kevlar shoes  
Bonded & riveted shoes (not recommended for street applications)
$89.95 /axle set
$99.95/axle set
Large rear wheel cylinders - .875"      $40.95                                                    
Carbon Kevlar pads
$109.95 #CKPTR6
TR250/TR6 Rebuilt brake booster (+ $20 materials charge)
Add $50 for powder coating
$225 exchange #TR6 RBLT
Stainless steelbraided brake booster hose (manifold to booster)
dress up your engine bay and renew your old vacum hose at the same time!
Full metallic pads or shoes - not recommended for street use $110 exchange #FMPSTR6
Rebuilt TR6 calipers - Specify your casting # on caliper - 16P, 16PB or 16PB M.  (a core will need to be returned)(also fits TR4/4A/250/GT6)$84.95 ea#TR6caliperR
Steelbraid brake hose set
Front only or rear only steelbraid hose set - please specify - $49.95/pr
$79.95 #SBBHTR6

TR250/TR6 to Toyota 4 piston caliper steelbraid hose set. No adapters.needed. Front hoses direct from TR hard line fitting to Toyota caliper.

$59.95/set - front

$89.95 full set - 2 front hoses plus 2 rear steelbraid hose.

#SBBHTR6/Toyota Front 


#SBBHTR6/Toyota Full 

Toyota caliper conversion kit 
Kit contains rebuilt calipers,  stainless braided front brake hose set
and organic brake pads.  
Note; If being fitted to an early car, pre-'73, new caliper mounting
bolts will be needed. We have these in stock. -------- $27.95/set of 4                                                     
$309.95 TOYOTA-TR6
Toyota to TR6 caliper conversion with vented rotors.  Conversion
has Toyota 4 piston calipers, vented rotors, pads and brake hose set..
Note; If being fitted to an early car, pre-'73, new caliper mounting
bolts will be needed. We have these.


Description Price Part #
Koni shock - front $CFP #80A-1784
Pro shock - front $79.95/each #SS300
Gaz - front $209.95 #GT22274
KYB front shock$46.00/eachGSA272HD
Spax shock - front - external rate adjustment $309.95/set #G479
KYB rear tube shock conversion $195 #KYBRTSC
Rear tube shock conversion mounting brackets $109.95 #RTSBRKT
Rebuilt heavy duty rear lever shock $109.95 ea exchange #RHDLSTR6
Rebuilt rear lever shock $99.95 ea exchange #RLSTR6
Koni rear tube shock conversion $CFP #80-2167RSCK
Spax rear tube shock conversion $324.95 #CK29
High performance road springs (20% stiffer in front/ 25% stiffer in rear. Guaranteed accurate within 2% and will never set or sag. Stock ride height.) $129.95/pr #V739.1 - front or #V739 - rear
Lowered high performance road springs. Same springs as described above but 1" shorter. $129.95/pr V739.1L - front or V739L - rear
Differential cradle/frame stiffener kit. Reinforces the differential mounting cradle and strengthens the chassis. Can be installed with body on frame. Fits TR4AIRS, TR250 and TR6. $79.95 SZSTR6
Front sway bar (42% rate increase) $224.95 #SBTR2-6
Steering rack mounts (set) - urethane$12.00#147852U
Steering rack mounts (set) - solid aluminum mounts$41.95#147852S

Urethane suspension bushings

DescriptionPricePart #
Front upper A-arm kit $16.95 #UAATR6
Front lower A-arm kit $22 #LAATR6
Sway bar mount kit $14.50 #USBMTR6
Steering rack mount kit $12 #USTMTRS-6
Trailing arm kit $37.95 #UTATR6
Differential mounting kit (replaces all diff mounts) $79.95 #UDMKTR6
Shock link bushing kit $10 #USLBTR2-6
Spring pad set $24 #USPTR2-6
Front shock upper bush set $10 #UFSBTR2-6
Nylatron or Delrin - Not recommended for street use! CFP


Description Price Part #
Header - this is a 2 piece header - 3 into 1 design. $249.95 #1057
Header - race only - not suitable for street CFP  
High rev cams - see cam spec sheet plus special grinds available    
Dual valve springs (uses stock retainers) $69.95
Alloy valve cover - polished finish. Chrome cap and chrome attaching nuts included. $149.95 AVC6P
Alloy valve cover - matte black finish with polished ribs. Chrome cap and chrome attaching nuts included. $161.95 AVC6BK
Roller rocker arms (1.55 ratio. Uses stock rocker shaft). Also available with needle bearings for the rocker shaft. A hardened rocker shaft MUST BE USED with the needle bearing option. $574.95.00/set #SRR6
Chromoly tubular pushrods (stock length - can be made to any length) $124.95 #V618
Tufftrided (hardened) rocker shaft $68.95 #214559HD
Steelbraid oil pressure guage hose - replace your dried out, old plastic line with a modern Steelbraid hose 

Rocker oil feed kit $43.95 #1226SS
SU carbs (used) - Adjustable, tuneable, more power and a direct bolt-on replacement $140 - 200/pr
Weber carb conversions CFP
Pistons - std. or oversize w/rings & wrist pins - these are County brand pistons  (AE - Nural brand - $710/set) $440.00
Forged pistons - not recommended for street use CFP
Solid center clutch disc - Not recommended for street use. Price varies by type of lining. Stock lining material is $149.95. Ceramic lining on a paddle style clutch is $149.95 - $169.95
HD spring style clutch disc - larger springs and full circle lining mounting rather than the "fingers" that can tear and separate$159.95#8793HD
3 piece clutch kit - Borg & Beck brand $149.95 #3pcTR6
3 piece clutch kit - really trick. Eliminates traditional
problems encountered with the stock clutch assembly. Includes new disc, pressure plate and release bearing with sleeve.
$204.95 #3pcTR6imp
Steel braid clutch hose. Replaces the stock hose with a teflon hose jacketed with stainless steel braid. - replaces stock plastic hose $29.95 #140420SS
Steelbraid 1 piece clutch hose. Replaces original steel hardline and
flex line from clutch master cylinder to slave cylinder.  Eliminates  
multiple hoses and connnections and makes it easier to bleed system
Aluminum flywheel.  CNC produced from 6061 aluminum with a replaceable steel friction surface and grade 10 bolts. $389.95 AFTR6
Gear reduction starter - See starter spec sheet $200.00 #TSIMI1206-9A (GT6/TR250) #TSIMI1206A/TR6


Description Price Part #
Steelbraid hose - oil, water, fuel (Sold by the foot) - Hose fittings available in a wide variety of configurations. Hose and fittings price varies by size and type CFP
Oil cooler (13 row - cooler only, no fittings or hose) $54.95 #GOC13 (Other cooler sizes/configurations available - CFP)
Spin-on oil filter adaptor $81.95 #SK6
Spin-on oil filter adaptor w/outlets for oil cooler $97.95 #FH3
Remote oil filter takeoff $69.50 #TOP6
Remote oil filter mount (depends on configuration) $14.95 - 39.95 #ROFMTR6
Roll bar - street (NOTE: our street bar is the same dimensions as the race bar, but shorter to clear the top and does not have a diagonal brace as required for a race car). Street bar is made from HREW steel. Race bar is made from DOM steel. $265 #2015
Roll bar - race (NOTE: our race bar is taller than street bar. It will
not clear the top and has the required diagonal brace)
$470 #3015
Rollbar padding $4.50/ 3' tube
Race car ONLY windscreen $175 #RCWSTR6
Alternate differential ratios CFP & availability
Competition Preparation Manual $8.95 #CPM-TR6
Battery disconnect switch (with removeable key) - Great for anti-theft and required in all race applications. $12.95  #BKS1
MechanixWear gloves - Sizes XS - XL - Helps the professional mechanic and enthusiast work with confidence. Protects hands from heat and cold while retaining manual dexterity with increased finger grip control. Worn by pit crews from Daytona to the Saturday night dirt tracks. Available in red, yellow, blue and black. $14.95 #MWG

CFP = Call For Price

To order call toll free - (800) 543-6648 (USA and Canada)

To order by fax - (419) 384-3272 (24 hours) For technical support - (419) 384-3022  


TS Imported Automotive, 108 South Jefferson St., Pandora, Ohio, 45877, USA
Tel 800.543.6648 (USA & Canada only) 419.384.3022 (Tech / General Information)
Fax 419.384.3272 (24 hours)
Hours 8:30 - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, 9 - 1 p.m. Saturday (unless attending an event)

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