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Pandora Garage before it was TS Imported Automotive
Pandora Garage, before it was TS Imported Automotive in 1938

TS Imported Automotive has 55 years in the British car business. Former Austin - Healey/MG/TR dealer. Full-line parts and specialized service business. Large British car salvage yard. R & D. Manufacturer. Importer. New parts. NOS parts. Used parts. Restoration parts. High performance engine and suspension parts. Race parts. British Leyland US Competition Parts Department affiliate through 1986. Winning race team in amateur and professional road racing series. Technical information. From chassis to headers, engine parts to high performance brakes. We also have sports cars for sale.


Sounds like a RESUME' doesn't it? Well, IT IS. These are the credentials TS IMPORTED AUTOMOTIVE brings to you, the British car enthusiast. We sold the cars new, we raced them, serviced them and we are still at it 55+ years later.

Our background of new car dealer in the "Golden Years" of British cars, strong factory involvement with the Competition Department and a keen interest in the cars uniquely qualifies us to be a resource to the racer, restorer, and British car enthusiast.

Ted and Doris Schumacher at LeMans
Ted and Doris Schumacher at LeMans, France
Ted and Doris Schumacher at LeMans with the Dunlop Bridge
Ted and Doris Schumacher at LeMans, France with the Dunlop Bridge








TSI Building History

Ted Schumacher
TS Imported Automotive Building

Interested in the TS Imported Automotive Building History? To find out more about the building and see pictures,
click here






Ted Schumacher Racing Days

Ted Schumacher
Ted Schumacher of TS Imported Automotive

Ted Schumacher used to race cars before he opened
TS Imported Automotive in Pandora, Ohio. Check out some cool videos and pictures from his racing days by
clicking here






TS Imported's Salvage Yard Treasures

From days gone by, a photo of some of the many cars to pass through here
TS Imported has kept a 'storage facility' of formerly loved cars for many years.  The inventory changes, and the size grows and shrinks, but  there are always gems to be found.  Click here to see some historic, and some new photos of these car where they have come to rest.


TS Imported Automotive, 108 South Jefferson St., Pandora, Ohio, 45877, USA
Tel 800.543.6648 (USA & Canada only) 419.384.3022 (Tech / General Information)
email:  tedtsimx@bright.net
Hours 8:30 - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, 9 - 1 p.m. Saturday (unless attending an event)

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